There’s a guy who spends up to five hours at Starbucks turning their cups into works of art. This amount of free time and boredom may explain why Ben Carson was able to figure out what the pyramids were really meant for. I think there’s a grain pyramid near Fangorn on the map of middle earth on the cup above. Anyway if people are spending five hours just making art I figured they’d come up with cup alternatives for the easily offended Republican’s who are bored enough to encourage Donald Trump.


To be fair America’s favorite cup celebrates the  Bacchanalia but anyone fat, drunk and stupid enough to believe that the other red cup is an attack on Christmas doesn’t care.


I don’t believe it. This must be the same bastard who goes and ruins the the pay it forward chain after four hundred people are good spirited enough to participate.


Well might as well admit this one is pretty anti Christian. I’m not sure if it’s an official version sponsored by the Starbucks corporation.


This is the one I want to give to anyone who’s “offended” I’m not sure if using the words violate the Superficial Gallery TOS on that particular body part.


I got these great sunglasses and started to see weird things all over the place.


We had to include this one because we do have a few Republican friends and they like to think they’re right and not delusional.


This one strikes me as a solution thought up by a government committee. The kind that spends a fortune on making nobody happy but the piggies lined up at the Federal troughs.


Simple solution. How could anyone be offended and it’s pretty.


The Israeli red cup is blue?


It’s not an attack on Christmas but is the barista hitting on me? He said something about liking bears.


Dunkin Donuts has gone out of their way to create a festive cup for the holiday.


Tim Horton’s has cool football cups but what does the Canadian Football League have to do with Tory politics?