I needed to bring either Guess My Netflix or Name That Ringtone back.  I asked my people on G+ and they said do both.  But then I was like – hey!  What if I throw something else in there that might eff people up worse.  Which brings me to “Who’s That” which is the third leg of my MYSTERY STOOL!

You can only win if you get all three in the SAME comment.  You have to name the movie.  You have to name the Artist AND Song Ttitle.  You also have to name the person.  You can rat a tat tat out answers all you want.  I encourage cheating and intimidation.  After the jump is the first of what will be a regular thing.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it this way in the first place.

Name the movie this still comes from.

pfft - as if

Name this American 19th century writer of words.

The ringtone is down there!