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The Ring – 9th Scariest Movie of All Time

Number nine on our list of the 31 Scariest Movies of All Time is the American remake of The Ring.  When I was talking to people about the scientificness of my system, more than a few people sort of tried to short-circuit the whole thing byu saying: IT’S STUPID IF THE RING IS IN IT!  Even loolpooq, the amazing guy from The Batcave who found all the the trailers for the movies sent me the Japanese version of this one.

“The Japanese version is better.”  That’s what loolpooq said.  But I can’t argue with the scariness of the American version.  The premise is stupid and I can’t imagine how they ever got a studio to fund it.  How did they pitch it?  Here’s how I see the meeting going.  You will have to imagine it’s in Japanese, though:

Guy who wants money to make his movie: “It’s about a haunted videotape”

Guy with money: “Who let you in here?”

But someone must have decided it was a good idea cause it got made.  And in true American fashion, they took the movie, threw in a blonde round-eye and it made a bazillion dollars.  So why is it number nine?  Why is it TOP TEN MATERIAL?

Well, cause we have not had that many really good scary movies in the last 10 years or so, have we?  Like, REALLY good scary movies?  The Ring sort of gets in by default.  People need to make lists and they are thinking of things that scared them and this movie is fresh in their mind.  No?  Am I fooling myself?  Is it really that scary?  Trailer after the jump

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  1. Kyle Dockery

    Oh science, I’ve lost all faith in you now…I was so very bored watching this movie…

  2. Glenny

    I’ve always found The Ring scary. There’s just something not quite normal about young girls with long black hair coming out of holes! Have you seen part 2?

  3. captain america

    an AN*S-RING indeed give you the creeps!!


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