Besty DeVos isn’t the only reason we should weep for the education system in America. Apparently even a simple spell check run is too complicated for those creating the covers of high school diplomas in Dinwiddie, VA. Spelling Dinwiddie did not pose a problem for them, although I could probably think of a few dimwitted ways to hilariously misspell that word.

No, in fact they misspelled the great Commonwealth’s more difficult name. They did so by leaving out one of the three “I”s that should have appeared in the correct spelling. While I’m not going to make fun of the people for misspelling Virginia (because that is problematic) I’m all too happy to talk about the resulting snickering that must have occurred because of the oversight.

Virgina. <– that’s what was written instead. You better believe it will be the amusement of those teenagers who received their diploma in Virginia for years to come.  An NBC affiliate, who ran the story, does point out that corrections will be made.

This is a statement from Mr. Randall Johnson, Principal of Dinwiddie High School regarding the Class of 2017 diplomas. A robo call will be going out this afternoon to the Class of 2017 students and parents.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 and their families. As you are aware there is a spelling error on the diploma cover. We have contacted the vendor and replacement covers will be provided. We will be contacting our graduates as soon we have resolved the issue with the vendor and when we have received the new covers. We apologize for any inconvenience that this error has caused. Once again congratulations to the Class of 2017. We wish them the best of luck in the future.

One might think that the pronunciation of Virgina might be strikingly close to the pronunciation of a certain part of the female anatomy. And you’re probably right.

While I’m an adult who does not find female anatomy funny in any way what-so-ever, you can imagine how a bunch of hormone filled teenagers might be amused by it. You can also imagine how it rankles the conservative feels of those adults in the deeply red voting area of Virginia. Most congressMEN can’t even hear the word without getting upset.

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