Oh Hot Indian Chick - Will THIS Be Your Week?

Sonia Rao – Are you The Voice?

I can’t remember anything about episode one except the hot Indian chick (Sonia Rao) didn’t get chosen.  But, out of everyone last week, only a few poor schmoes didn’t get picked at all.  Well, this week, not getting picked was all the rage.

They haven’t really let us know what the Coach who wins (winning meaning that their person wins the whole show) gets for their trouble.  Power over life and death?  Giant dinosaur with a saddle?  Make out party with the hobo of their choice?  Whatever it is, they must want it, cause they are getting pretty picky.

They left so many poor fools at the altar that they ran out of contestants, which means that (and I cannot confirm this as of yet as it is only 10:30) BUT THE HOT INDIAN CHICK MIGHT BE BACK!

  • Right now there is a 17 year old and 19 year old sister act and they raise pigs.  They live in the town next to pretty.  They are singing that song I like from that country chick.  The judges didn’t know there were two of them.  Cee Lo picked them.  He’s gonna try to nail them both and get thrown in jail.
  • Now it’s a commercial so I’m watching the Sugarland song.  I also realized that the premise of this show is that it’s based on voices but the coaches have to cut their teams from 8 to four so they will kick out all the fatties and hare lips.
  • I just saw a commercial for Special Victims Unit.  Mariska Hargitay is a wicked skillet face, but hot.
  • Now the show is back and 8 people got picked to get a second shot.  Cee Lo already has his eight so he’s fine.

I’m gonna count the eight after the jump!

  1. The first chick is the one Xtina said she might have regretted not picking.  She made up for it by picking her.  The contestant is not cute.  That means that Xtina is full (heh)  3 slots and 7 people left.
  2. HOT INDIAN CHICK!   YES!  YES!  YES!  Sissy or Hilljack better pick her.  If they don’t they’re racist.  The country guy should pick her even though she isn’t the teepee kind of Indian.  The song she is singing is weird.  Fuck she’s hot though.  SOMEONE PICK HER!!!!!!!!  They didn’t pick her.  She said “It hurts as much the second time.”  They suck.  I kind of don’t care now.  3 spots and 6 people.
  3. Next up, the recovering junkie with 4 kids.  So I guess technically this is his third chance.  Hilljack Shelton took him.  You know who they didn’t pick?  Hot Indian chick.  This guy could play a tuba with his ass and defy gravity and I wouldn’t care.  All that’s left is Adam Sissy with 2 spots and 5 people left.  He should no sell them all so he can get HIC back.
  4. During the commercial I Googled Indian Chick from the Voice and found this.  That’s not her but it is pretty funny.  Sonia Rao is her name.  Sonia Rao.  Sonia Rao.
  5. Sissy Boy picked some high school girl (he’ll be in jail with Cee Lo).
  6. One more spot.  Chick with a headband.  Sissy Boy picked her, too.  I only call him a sissy because I’m jealous.
  7. The last two people didn’t even get to come back out.

So now the teams are filled and next week are THE BATTLE ROUNDS!  You know who would be handy in a battle?  An Indian.  Fucking dummies.  🙁  Here is her song from last week when they should have picked her!