The finale of The Voice was tonight.  And I fell victim to being a fan instead of an impartial observer.  I wanted Vicci Martinez to win.  I liked her.  I liked her from the beginning.  Of course, I knew that Sideways Hat would win.  I knew it from the day he auditioned that he was going to win.  I think everyone did.  And he got to sing with Stevie Nicks in his duet and everyone else sang with some fucks I didn’t know.  Stupid show.  Look how all the coaches wanted him from the get go!

But I loved Vicci.  Poor La Lesbiana.  My fave song she did was the Dog Days one (see below).  She ran around and did her little hunched over bob thing.  I did think she was the best.  But she didn’t even come in second!  Apparently America hates Little Latina Lesbians.  Racist sexist…sizists!  Summer Glau came in second.  They didn’t say who came in dead last, but I like to think it was White Baldy.  She was from Fort Lauderdale and trust me: that place sucks.  I don’t have anything against her I guess, but I wanted her to come in last because of the whole Fort Lauderdale thing.

So now I need to wait until winter wondering who the new coaches will be.  If the new contestants will be any good.  Can I be objective?  Can I get someone else to do the recap?  Well, one thing I DO knwo is that I will stalk La Lesbiana on her Twitter and her Website.  And I will someday see her at a fair or something.  Or maybe I’ll go see The Voice concert tour.  They have one, you know.  How gay would that be?  LOL

Skip to 1:30 if you just want to hear the song and not the blabberin’.