The banner pic is Summer Glau.  I used her because someone on Country Guy’s team sort of looks like her.  In fact, I made up names for all the contestants tonight.  I had to do something.  The show was 2 hours long!  Oh, and Xtina needs to stop interrupting people while they are judging.  It was cute at first but now it sucks.  Anyway, here are the names.  If I weren’t so tired I’d put pictures of them – meh, maybeI’ll put them in tomorrow night.

  • Summer Glau (derh)
  • Skinny Taylor Lautner
  • White Baldy
  • Black Baldy
  • Headband
  • Whisper
  • Baby Gloria Estefan
  • Pink Lipstick

America is supposed to vote for the people they like.  The coach will pick one om their team to move on and America will pick the other.  I’m voting for White Baldy, Whisper, Summer Glau and Black Baldy.  I guess I like Baldys!  Oh, and here’s a video of the coaches singing Queen badly.  Also, look at Cee Lo!  He’s growing a Charles Barkley mustache.  He’s so cute!