This week on The Voice the coaches got finished with paring their teams down to 4 each so they can move on to the live shows.  And I have to tell you, this week sort of blew.  I don’t know how they decided who to put up when, but the ones this week were really nervous and shitty.  Not saying I could do better, but I could have done better.  The only person that stuck in my head was Lumpy Dan the one that made all four coaches turn around when he auditioned.

But I suppose a couple dud battle rounds is a small price to pay for having the live shows now.  While I have no confidence in America’s ability to choose anything I do want to see how the coaches react to having to go against each other.  I am still not 100% sure what the prize the coaches get is.  Maybe a solid gold butler or statue of a golden butler made out of uranium.  I’ll be doing a bracket for the Sweet 16 (that’s how many contestants are left) but I can’t do it now cause my spine is broken.  I realize I don’t technically type with my spine but it is a factor.  I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and will probably be made bionic.  If that happens, I’ll still do the posts but I will need a sturdier keyboard.

And, since the videos from tonight’s show aren’t up yet, here’s a video that is described as:

if u like farts ull luve this one

Let’s see if you do after the jump.  Stay tuned this upcoming week for The Voice brackets and no more fart videos!