OK so since I had to go to Boston this week I missed both episodes of The Voice this week.  I watched them on Tivo so I know who is in the finals but I’m not going to do a recap because it was days ago and that would be stupid.

So instead, I’m going to give you videos for all four finalists and you can tell me who you think is going to win.  Before the finale I’m going to do a post on why I think it is the smartest reality show in a long time but I’m balls tired right now so all you get is videos and my sincere hope that La Lesbiana wins it.

Dia Frampton (Summer Glau) Sings “Losing My Religion”

Beverly McClellan (White Baldy) Sings “The Thrill is Gone”

Javier Colon (Sideways Hat) Sings “Fix You”

Vicci Martinez (La Lesbiana) Sings “Dog Days Are Over”