My last chance for bullet points.  I need to make it count!

  • I missed the opening number!  What a start!
  • The four of them are singing original songs for the final judgement.  Mark Burnett is smart.
  • Sideways hat guy sand a song called “Stitch by Stitch”.  His hat wasn’t all the way sideways.  Why would he do that?  Doesn’t he understand jinxes?
  • Cowboy guy and Summer Glau sang “Won’t Back Down”.  They were dressed like the Men in Black.  Vange would have been puking listening to someone sing one of St. Tom Petty’s songs.  She hates covers.  I bet she doesn’t even have blankets in her house she hates covers so much.
  • La Lesbiana sang a song I didn’t like but she sang it so great she will win because the other people suck compared to her.
  • She didn’t run around and do a war dance.  Doesn’t she understand jinxes?
  • Drunk Xtina said something – I didn’t pay attention to it.  I only want La Lesbiana.
  • Cowboy guy said to her: “You insist in being a big deal”.  Smartest thing he’s said.
  • Xtina can’t keep her jugs in place.  I think she’s drunk again.
  • Shrunken Fat Charles Barkley Cee Lo praised her.  Of course he did!
  • Xtina and White Baldy sang “Beautiful”.  They were wrong.
  • Summer Glau sang a song that didn’t sound like music.  It sounded like feathers ticking my cheeks.  I don’t like that.

While it’s a commercial, let me point out that Mark Burnett made a hell of a show.  By picking people who could sing from the get go, they set themselves apart.  Having the celebs help them instead of rip them was smart.  Not dragging it out for 700 months was smart.  I can see artists using this as a vehicle to get known to a wider audience or stage a comeback.  Maybe they will have Amy Winehouse next time.  Or Britney Spears.  Or David Lee Roth!  Yes!

  • Adam Levine and Sideways Hat sang “Man in the Mirror”.  He didn’t wear ANY hat!  WTF.
  • White Baldy is sort of tromping around which she always does.  She must believe in jinxes.  Good!
  • Her song said: “Love sick!  Love sick!  I’m sick of love!”  See what she did there?
  • Then she sat down at the piano – bad move.  She needs to stomp, not be…Elton John.
  • La Lesbiana and Cee Lo are dressed like Lord Humungous’ gang in The Road Warrior and singing “Love is a Battlefield”.
  • Cee Lo looks like a fat little genie again.  He should seriously consider Kazaam 2!
  • I love La lesbiana and want her to win.  I might even vote for her.  HOW QUEER WOULD THAT BE?

Honestly, I think that sideways hat has it made, but La Lesbiana needs to win.  I like her best.  The other two can suck it.  Suck iiiiit!  *spills beer*

I voted!  Vote for La Lesbiana!  Vicci Martinez1-855-VOICE-02 Or Go here:  LINK FOR VOTING