First of all, I’m so angry that Glenn is alive. Not because I actually want Glenn to be dead, of course not. He’s one of my favorites, duh. But because I think it’s crappy of the writers to play this trick on everyone. I said previously that I believed Glenn was dead, so now not only do I get to be mad that the writers did bad writing, I also get to be mad that they made me be wrong.

At least they started off by showing this to us right away, I guess. I mean it’s annoying enough they waited this long to show it to us.


There are so many things far-fetched about this. At this point the main object of the show, as far as Glenn goes, seems to be to almost kill him and then show us he is still alive somehow. It’s either stupid because he’s just magically indestructible, or it’s too much foreshadowing for his actual, impending death.

Next: I could not possibly care less about a character than I care about Enid.


I don’t care about her when she’s trying to be badass, when she’s trying to be emotionless, when she’s crying, when she’s trying to be nice. I don’t care about her. Because she is the worst. 

Actually, let me revise that: whiny teenagers are the worst.

Teenagers Being The Worst


We don’t have to talk.

Oh, OK, thanks, Enid. You don’t have to live. Just, you know, FYI.


Speaking of terrible teenagers. Hey Rick, cool idea: how about teaching a kid who hates you and your son how to use a gun? Good plan. Sidenote: Jessie, I like you, but I think both of your sons are psychopaths. Probably the townspeople should have helped you out a lot sooner with your abusive f$&# of a husband.

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Annoying teen number 3: Carl. Here he is looking all smug and adding unnecessary rejoinders onto everything his dad says to Ron about shooting a gun. Carl, you are insufferable. Literally, I can’t suffer you anymore. I’m begging for someone to shoot you at this point.

Other People Who are the Worst


Eugene. Enough already. Enough with the hair, enough with the voice, enough with the acting like a character from Big Bang Theory.

Oh, I have analyzed this scientifically and have come to the conclusion that it’s a sharp metal implement and there are people with open-toed shoes around.

There are? There are people training with machetes in a field in the zombie apocalypse and they’re wearing open-toed shoes? Seems cromulent.

Here’s Rosita being utterly fed up with you:


Really? I can’t even, Eugene.


Morgan, you’re still the worst. I guess if you want to say you’re never going to kill anyone again that’s one thing. Stop trying to get everyone else around you to follow your silly rules. Stop involving people like Denise in your schemes to get secret medicine to that lunatic you are hiding in the basement. Just stop it. Stahhhhhhhhhp.


Spencer. Just hurry up and die already. Hurry up. You are basically a whiny teen in an adult body. You’re not batman. You’re not some kind of Navy SEAL. Stop trying to climb across a zipline you dolt.

I want to be happy for Maggie that she knows Glenn is alive, really.


Glenn could totes be alive, gurl. I mean like for realz, yo.

Except I assume he’ll be dead before another 24 hours passes in the timeline of the show, because that’s the rate we’re going at for attempted-deaths-of-Glenn so, you know, don’t bother getting excited or anything hon.

All I can say is that a lot of stuff happened this episode, which I appreciate, and it was interesting and kept me engaged, but by the end I seriously almost wanted that tower to fall (and how come nobody thought this might be a problem other than tv viewers, of course?).


Oh snap.

What did you think? Can you believe Glenn is still alive? Can you believe how terrible teenagers are, even in the zombie apocalypse? Can Morgan just hurry up and die or something already?

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