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The Walking Dead: Rick is Back

The Walking Dead: Rick is Back

Warning: Spoilers, obviously.

Remember when Rick went all loony near the end of last season, screaming and waving a gun around at everyone after getting into a fight in the middle of the street with Pete the abusive drunk? Yeah, he kind of lost his s*$% for a minute.


Of course, then in one moment Deanna gets it, when Pete the drunk accidentally kills her husband, and she tells Rick to execute him in front of everyone.

rick kills pete

From that point on, she seems to firmly be in Rick’s camp. She tells her people to hop to and fall in line with Rick’s plan about the big zombie horde problem, she agrees with his policy about not burying Pete the “killer” inside the walls (although as Morgan points out, Rick’s a killer, Morgan is a killer – everyone who’s spent time outside is a killer if they’re still alive, most likely).

Rick is back, folks. I like this Rick. The “Do you even know who you’re talking to?” and “We’ll take this town if we have to” Rick. The “This isn’t a democracy anymore” Rick. The “I ask the questions and you answer them” Rick. The “I didn’t have to kill him, people like him are going to die no matter what” Rick. (Guaranteeing that poor Carter wasn’t going to make it out of this episode alive, of course. If you couldn’t already see that coming.) I would have been nervous for Heath too, since he’s a black guy and this series loves killing black guys, if I wasn’t also reading the comics and didn’t know he’s a pretty major character. Of course, that’s no guarantee.

(As an aside there are a couple of huge departures in the show from the comics in terms of major characters who live and die but I don’t want to ruin anything about the show in case it parallels the comics in certain ways. Suffice it to say, at a certain point when a certain notorious figure shows up on the show, I’ll be very interested to see how it plays out.)

Anyway, I almost forgot how important a character Morgan is to Rick, but now that he’s back I’m remembering all of a sudden that he’s literally the guy who explained to him what was happening, how the zombies work, how to kill them, etc. I get it a little more now why Rick was always trying to contact him and leave a breadcrumb trail for him. I suppose I’m a little more interested in him showing up too.

I was concerned from trailers and snippets they have been showing in promos that Morgan was going to be some kind of major anti-Rick force in the community. While he seems a little suspicious of him, to be sure, he also seems to have faith in him, and of course the “Do you think you can take this community from me?” scene they showed in trailers was Rick shouting at Carter, not Morgan.

The time jumps – I actually really liked these, and how they were handled, with the past being b&w and the current time being in color. It made it much easier to follow what was going on. Since the times were so close together there wouldn’t have been another easy clue, like people looking different because their hair grew (or their beards grew), etc.

There were a lot of great shots in this episode, cinematically, I thought. My favorite moment was a scene about 25 minutes in where we first see Daryl slowly riding along drawing the herd away. As he crests the hill, the music and our first view of how close he is to the front of the zombie “herd”, makes us hugely uneasy. I found myself thinking “Thank God that’s Daryl. Anybody else would definitely eff this up somehow.”

daryl and herd

Speaking of effing things up, I was sure that Nick was going to be the red shirt of this episode, but as it turns out it was Carter, who, despite Nick’s horrific behavior in the finale last season, I was really starting to hate more, because he just seemed to have a deep-seated distrust of Rick for no real reason. I hated him right from the start but I sure hated him a lot more when he was plotting to kill Rick and then almost killed poor inept Eugene. Of course when did we know Carter was not long for this world for sure? When he shook Rick’s hand in the woods saying, “You were right.” Sayonara, you helpless fool.

carter in woods

Oh yeah, in case you forgot, Nick caused this last season…

glenn almost dead

Hey man, leave Glenn alone. I predict you’re not going to be around for very long either, sir. You should have made different life choices, Nick.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

You should look nervous, buddy.

So at first I was nervous that the plan with the herd wouldn’t work. Then when it seemed to definitely be working, I got nervous that it was working too well. Of course, this is when the tremendously loud air horn goes off, drawing all zombies in a 50 mile radius directly to Alexandria to kill everyone inside and eat all their very stupid, stupid, but apparently still tasty, brains.

Even though I knew something had to go wrong, the level to which it went wrong was still kind of shocking. It still makes me squirm to remember all the zombies turning at once toward the sound, directly toward their safe haven, as Rick’s crew runs in vain to try to stop them. Meanwhile I’m thinking, “How can every single person in Alexandria be so stupid that they don’t know to shut that off?”

I think it’s interesting how they are setting Maggie up to be a leader on the show right now, especially in light of what happens in the comics. I also like how observant Morgan is, though I’m still not positive I trust him. He knows what’s up with Carol. She can’t hide her bada$% ways from him, even if she can from a lot of other people who aren’t paying attention because she made them cookies.

I think the show really came back with a bang and I’m definitely dying for next week’s episode now.

What did you think? Leave your comments below! And don’t forget you can always come back here for Walking Dead recaps and discussion each week!

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  1. Sal

    This was so wonderfully written. I’m glad they seemed to have overplayed Rick’s “craziness” in the trailer, and I like where they’ve set everyone up for this season – Especially Michonne & Morgan, and Tara, Glenn, & Maggie. I felt so bad for Rick at the end though, because something was finally working without much of a hitch – then that damn horn went off.

    • Cider

      I KNOW! That horn was THE WORST. It made my stomach drop.


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