I don’t think anyone could complain that this week’s episode was boring. I loved the action but was extremely annoyed that it seemingly only covered a span of time of maybe a couple of hours. Leaving me waiting anxiously for Negan’s arrival after the “hiatus”. But more on that in a bit.

In case you forgot, the very last thing that happened on the previous episode was the tower from right outside the wall fell down and toppled a section of the wall, and walkers started streaming in.


Oh snap, Rick, you’d better get out of there.

This is a part where I have to wonder how many people are in this town, because I really have no idea. 25? 100? I honestly wouldn’t know. There didn’t seem to be anybody else out and about except the main folks we usually see, which means Rick and “his group”, Deanna, Ron, who was apparently about to shoot Carl (remember?), and Dr. Denise. I guess everyone else is either permanently inside, or doesn’t exist.


Most of the group tries to gather together, except Maggie, who has to crawl up onto a platform because apparently she’s on her own. Most likely this is so that she can be poignantly stranded up there for Glenn to stare at from the other side of town as he’s scaling the wall to get back inside.

The groups end up trapped inside a couple of buildings trying to figure out what to do. In a new writing device that I am considering using for every review going forward, I will now tell you about who was the worst this episode.

The Worst

Predictably, Ron. I would have less of a problem with this kid if he was just mad at Rick for hitting on his mom than I do for him acting outraged over his dead crappy wife-beating dad. Dude, you are a teenager, you should be full of hatred for your nasty dad and have a broken arm from trying to defend your mom, not mad that Rick took daddy the a$$hole away from you before you could make him see the light or whatever.

Listen man, I get how Carl is absolutely insufferable a lot of the time, but I finally had to give Carl some respect this episode when he told you what’s up.


Listen, I get it, my dad killed your dad. But I’ve got something to tell you: Your dad was an a$$hole.

Truth, Carl. Preach.


Even more predictably, Morgan. Oh hey, it didn’t take too long for your “all life is precious” idea to eff you pretty hard did it, Morgan? No, it didn’t. Because do you know what life isn’t precious? The life of a person who tells you he is planning to and will enjoy killing everyone you know. That guy is no use to you or anybody else, and he will do nothing helpful. You don’t have the luxury of keeping him a prisoner for 20 years to see if he can be reformed. That’s not the world you live in anymore. You’re confused. I would use the past tense, but I think you are permanently confused. I’m pretty sure you’ll defend your dumb ways to the death, which I hope comes soon.


Hey Morgan, thanks for helping Carol long enough to knock her out 5 minutes later and let a murderer escape. Good work, champ.


Sadly, Sam. Sam is the worst. It’s not his fault, because his life has been a hellscape since he was born, since his dad was abusive and now he lives in an actual nightmare which he completely can’t handle. But he’s kind of the worst. He’s not 3 years old, he’s old enough to be able to understand what’s going on and know that he has to do his part. Hey, wasn’t Carl about this age when all this stuff went down? Yeah, I think he was. And he was probably about this age when he killed zombie Shane to save his dad. Get your act together, Sam. Although based on the very last time we saw you this episode I’m pretty sure you are about 1 second from whining “Mom?” loud enough to get at least yourself if not everyone around you killed. So… see ya later man.


Gabriel, still the worst. There was no need to go to Deanna and tell her that Rick and everyone in his group was a crazy blood-thirsty lunatic. Remember how they saved you roughly a dozen times? Did that not compute? Well never fear, fellow spectators. Based on the fact that he just gave Rick a speech about how he wasn’t going to run or back down anymore “no matter what happens” I’d say we’re about 3 minutes from seeing him die.

Important Foreshadowing


There’s some good foreshadowing in conversations between Deanna and Michonne that I hope mean Michonne continues to become more of a leader. From once being kind of a stray that Rick’s group took in, she has forged a really close friendship with Carl, called Rick on his shiz a few times, and made some important points about how the group and the town should be going about making the future better. I like her a lot and I hope she gets to do awesome stuff.

And, did you stick around long enough to see the prologue for next season that was broadcast about 10 minutes into The Badlands, which airs after TWD? If not – here’s what you missed.

Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, somewhat happily riding along in their newly found truck back towards Alexandria. They get stopped by a group of about 10 armed men on motorcycles who tell them to get out of the car before they “cut them in two” and other brutal unnecessary extra words. Nobody is impressed, but most notably Sasha who looks like she is about ready to spit poison at them and kill them all just with the hate spewing out of her eyes.


After the guy in charge explains to them that not the truck, their weapons, or anything else in their possession belongs to them anymore, she asks what he means, and he explains that “it all belongs to Negan”.

Negan is the big baddie whose appearance a lot of comic book readers have either been looking forward to or dreading, depending on how much they enjoy seeing beloved characters getting killed. Suffice it to say, however they choose to handle him on the tv show, they can’t even approach the level of vulgarity and violence he spews in the comic. It should definitely be interesting. He makes The Governor look like a teddy bear by comparison.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast as Negan, which is an excellent choice. Now I’m going to go put myself in some kind of stasis till the show comes back.

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