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Things that Make Festivus Bearable

All week, Acadia has been challenging me to feats of strength and I’ve used videos to distract him and forestall the airing of grievances. Only one worked but it saved my butt. I’m sharing them with you. You get to vote your guess which one acted like a shiny dime to get Acadia off me. Happy whatever you celebrate. If you don’t celebrate, then happy Thursday. Since I denied him a pole in the offices, I made him a poll. GET IT? He didn’t. 🙁

The rest of the vids after the jump. SO JUMP!

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  1. Patrick

    Burl Ives rockin to The Police wins every time.

  2. Acadia

    In my defense, I rarely pay attention to things.

  3. bluzdude

    I don’t know how it affected Acadia, but Roxanne Reindeer had me on the floor.

    Vange, maybe you should just flash him.

    • vange

      That’s a reward, though. I’m B.F. Skinnering him.

      • Acadia

        You don’t know what verbs are.

  4. Sangfroid

    Bumbles Bounce

  5. Nutty Beaver

    Love the Rudolph put on the red light video, sort of sang along


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