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This ain’t even cool, man

China told this dude to go to hell? Please.

China told this dude to go to hell? Please.

What do Johnny Depp, Garfield, Paris Hilton and roast pork have in common? In China, the answer is that a new government-mandated Internet filter rates some pictures of all four of them as bad for your moral health.

Johnny Depp? Don’t care about him. Paris Hilton? Don’t care, and China might be making a smart play here, to be honest, but, Garfield motherfuckers?

I’m alright with blowing up China for banning Garfield as bad for the moral health of their people.

They set this whole thing up to block porn and violence, which hey, fuck ’em for that, but even in that silliness, there are still lines you do not cross. Garfield is that line.

Maybe ban Odie. Maybe.

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  1. C.B. Jones

    Banning Nermal would have made sense.

  2. Maitland

    Good call.

  3. Chinaren

    Tell me about it. They block totally random stuff, it’s bizzare and annoying. Very annoying.

  4. Joelle

    I’m down with banning Johnny Depp.

    I don’t much like him anyways. Add Paris to that list too. Except I fucking hate her.

  5. Hotspur

    I am not down with banning bacon. Fucking Chinese.

  6. vange

    I watched CCTV (Communist China TV) in Jamaica and it was CRAZY!

  7. Joelle

    Oh shit, I think I used to get CCTV.

    I only watched it a handful of times though, but it was chock full of crazy.


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