This cat was in the MAIL. You got to FED EX cats man come on!

This cat was in the MAIL. You got to FED EX cats man come on!

Last night I was doing what I normally do to get Entertainment content now that I don’t have TV shows to watch by hitting up Google News and the Entertainment tab. Here’s what I learned about the state of Entertainment…there ain’t shit going on. This cat was a lead story on the right hand side.

Seriously, the top three stories when I checked were: Rihanna and Chris Brown, Jon & Kate getting a divorce, and a gay dude calling people faggots.

Depressing that those stories are the best entertainment that we can come up with. This cat kicks all their asses, especially Chris Brown, and frankly should have his own reality instead of the fucks who just have a ton of kids.

The cat at least has an interesting tale.

A U.S. Postal Service letter carrier found the kitty earlier this month amid dozens of envelopes and packages. She likely was stuffed through the mailbox’s small opening and dropped several feet onto the mail below.

Some cocksucker put the cat in a mailbox! Are you kidding me?

I hope the cat finds whoever did that and epically claws the shit out of their face.