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This might get me to watch hockey



Greg Ostertag is a tall dude. You know this because you have seen him play basketball and were like, “damn, that white boy is big and about to have his shot blocked by a guard.”

Now, Greg Ostertag wants to play some hockey.

Ok, maybe not in the NHL, but in a men’s only NO-CHECKING (read: women’s only) league. He also says he can still ball in the NBA, but I care none for that. He is 7 feet 2 inches tall, I would love to see him playing in the NHL just towering over Crosby and what not. He would be a beast on the power play*

* Not sure how, hockey strategy is not my strength, but come on he’s 7’2!

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  1. Maitland

    Anyone watching this Confederations Cup soccer in south africa? Like a preview for the world cup or something. But Brazil-Egypt has been awesome this morning.

  2. vettech

    I would think someone that tall would be rather awkward on skates.

  3. Maitland

    rather awesome, you mean?

  4. Joelle

    Nothing could get me to watch hockey.

  5. vettech

    I really like hockey, I have to admit I like my sports rather violent…I think people fighting to the death should make a comeback*…but since that hasn’t happened yet hockey is net best thing. Oh and maybe the Tyson ear biting thing…

    *Humans fighting to the death would be awesome, but people involved in sports that hurt animals should be fed to lions.

  6. Maitland

    You should get started with a sports league that has lions killing people.

    And, in terms of hurting animals, I mean…if you set up a Gladiator games thing, sure, some Tigers or other animals would get killed, but wouldn’t it be OK if the animals had the advantage in terms of the hurting?

  7. Maitland

    Originally Posted By JoelleNothing could get me to watch hockey.

    this is probably the most correct statement here.


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