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This Will Not Revolutionize Magazines

Mark Harmon has had a very strange career.

Mark Harmon has had a very strange career.

I ain’t even going to begin to ask them how they are doing this, though.

Video is invading a new medium: print.

In a marketing stunt to promote its fall TV series, CBS Corp. is inserting thousands of tiny screens in copies of the Time Warner Inc. publication Entertainment Weekly.

The screens measure two and a quarter inches diagonally and play about 40 minutes of clips from new and old CBS shows.

I assume it’s kind of like those talking advertisements, only, you know, with video.

I’m not sure how this is a good idea…The screen looks small as shit and threatens you with the possibility of playing PEPSI Commercials or the CBS show NCIS.

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  1. Jennyjinx

    What I want to know is how they’re going to make these ads play in print magazines? Are they going to put itty bitty micro-chips in spines of the magazine? How are they going to power them? What happens if the mail delivery person gets caught in a downpour and the magazine gets wet?

    Where’s the investigation here, dude? Get on it already!

    I don’t like those Hallmark greeting card things that play music, either. Just sayin’.

  2. Maitland

    The Hallmark cards that play music are awesome. I had one that played the Jaws theme music.

    Also, investigation? no chance.

  3. Joelle

    Mhhm, Mark Harmon.

    Silver fox.

  4. Joelle

    Also, Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray are hot as hale.


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