I don’t usually get excited about things that get on Netflix.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it so I just pull it up and wait to see what new terrible horror movies they have.  Seems like they have six or seven that just have apartment numbers as their titles.  Go look if you don’t believe me!  But now there is something I am genuinely excited about.  I saw the 1989 Batman movie four times the first day it opened.  And while I was not a super fan of Jack Nicholson as the Joker, he did have some great lines.

Why didn’t somebody tell me that he had one of those….things?

Also, poor Bob!

I think The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie made so far.  But I would call the 1989 debut of Bats in almost a tie for second.  Sure some of it made no sense, but what the hell.  It had Prince, and it had Batman telling Kim Basinger that she weighed a little more than 108.  It also had the weird dance scene in the museum and Bruce Wayne getting nuts with the fireplace poker.

And if you think about it – if you close your eyes and think of movie Batman, I am willing to bet that if you are over thirty you don’t think of Christian Bale.  It’s Michael Keaton all the way.  As he said: “He’s Batman”.