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Tim Lake Wants his Ice Cube Trays Back


Since this awesome Tim Lake guy is from “Arcadia” which is how people with messed up teeth and lives say my name, I want him to defeat the tyranny of the Dusty Rhodes-Sammy Hagar-with-straightened-hair hybrid that stole his ice cube trays from Amazon off of his porch.  You can see the whole story below.  The guy is really fighting the good fight.

I am not sure why he films people coming in and out of his yard.  I mean, sure it makes sense NOW.  But until she ripped him off it was just sort of weird.  Maybe he has a super hot mailman or mailwoman or whatever.  But no matter what sort of weird freak show he has has going on, he is really handling the theft of his stuff the right way.  I know he really filed a police report but why not just parlay the whole thing into a show.  That reminds me – I need to make a fake Twitter account right now!!  DONE!  Take that, laziness!


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  1. Angela Mia

    Hilarious! Plus, rare footage of the cheesy blonde Squatch in her natural habitat.

    This guy has obviously had stuff stolen before, and left the package on his doorstep as a trap. A Squatch trap. Who knew you could catch Squatches with a box from Amazon? Not me.

    I just like saying Squatch.



    Okay, I’m done now.

    • Acadia

      Keep saying it!

  2. Sangfroid

    I thought the Sasquatch was dating Steve Austin? I’m so confused now.

    • Acadia


  3. BackwoodsHorror (@BackwoodsHorror)

    Duddy Rhodes just needed those coffee packs for his/her bellywelly, baybeh! He/She IS The American Dream, Baybeh! Duddy Rhodes!


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