Halloween-Costume-Contest_TYOH_Gallery---Copy-860That’s right, folks.  The annual Halloween blowout is starting to blow earlier this year.  We will have games, contests, prizes and a bunch of the regular happy hijinks.  BUT!  Even though I say it every year and end up doing the exact opposite, this time I mean it.  It will be SIMPLE!

We set up an event over on Google Plus.  Check it out here.  The banner I made is awesome.  Seriously!  Stay tuned for updates throughout the next month and a half.  And remember, whatever you are wearing can be a costume.  And if we do the scavenger hunt this year I will make SURE that people have to eat something.  That amuses me.  Here are some pics from last year to jog your memories.  Have fun!

pamela t costumes
angie p deviled egg