I don’t know how old any of you are but if you were born before MTV was launched in 1981 then you have definitely said “I remember when MTV actually played videos”.  And even if it is true (which it probably is) it totally makes you sound like an old geezer so don’t say it anymore.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t complain about the Video Awards.

In the olden times, they really did try to make sure the awards went to the videos themselves and not the songs.  Take 1986 for example.  Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel was (and still is) one of the best videos ever.  But there were WAY better songs that year.  I mean, Eddie Murphy’s Party All the Time was from 1986 so you KNOW there was some competition.  But the video quality won out and Peter Gabriel got himself a moon man.

This year Sports Betting Dime is picking Pharrell Williams and his giant Smokey the Bear hat to win Video of the Year.  I am hoping Iggy Azalea wins because the Clueless tribute is legitimately clever and the song is wicked catchy.  Her odds are good but not as good as Pharrell the Hat.  Lorde has no chance because she looks too much like Rebecca Gayheart.

And if you need any proof that they aren’t really looking for really good videos, check out the Ariana Grande song.  She doesn’t even look like she is breathing in enough air to sing the lyrics and it is painfully obvious that Iggy and Ariana were probably on different continents when they filmed their scenes.  Plus that dude with the wiggly arms freaks me out.

And since I am feeling contrary, here is the video for Sledgehammer.  It wins again, 28 years later!