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Today’s Women are Lazy and Untalented

Today’s pampered female flies around in giant jetliners with sky-waitresses bringing her drinks and cigars and jars of diamonds.  And what did they do to deserve this fine treatment?  Nothing!

In this video we see how ladies of…yore got around.  They dressed up in fancy costumes climbed up on the outside of planes (flown by competent men, of course) and danced all the way to wherever it was they were going.  Sometimes their clothes fly off (not kidding) and maybe near the end of the video they jump off the planes and parachute onto some old-timey dudes.  I don’t know.  The video was three whole minutes long.  I can’t watch things for that long.


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Acadia Einstein

I'm the funny one. And the handsome one. And I pay for everything.


  1. Ami B.

    Fred Astaire is the man.

    • Acadia

      What’s he got to do with it?

  2. Don E. Chute

    Wing walkers..I dunno I find these Women really HOT!

    PLU from SSF

  3. Eva

    Where do I book my ticket for the cigar and diamonds flights? All I got on my last one was contempt and Skymall magazine.

    Should’t have gone with Delta, I suppose.


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