This week we have three additions to the largest collection of celebrity tongue pics in the universe.  Take a peek at the gallery below and then head over to the gallery section of the site to see who else you can find.

  • Cosplayer Chloe Dykstra tongue gallery
  • Law and Order: SVU Best ADA EVER Diane Neal tongue gallery
  • A new animated gif for the Scarlett Johansson tongue gallery
  • Alyssa Arce wears lingerie, seems nice. WWTDD
  • Jennifer Lawrence is banging Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband?  Not sure who is winning here.  The Superficial
  • Help my buddy get his dream off the ground.  No joke.  He makes cocktail spice and you had no idea how spiceless your cocktails were before this.  Indiegogo
  • Take this, phone scammers!  UPROXX
  • Whales and dolphins squeal when they are happy.  Like your mom.  National Geographic
  • What most of you are going to say about this post.  Imgur
  • If you’re going to get Ice Water dumped on your head, get it on your HEAD.  Stupid Mika.  Morning Joe

No YOU play techno music using a bunch of plastic pips and flip flops.  I did it yesterday.

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