So tonight I am going to see Wonder Woman but like I mentioned in the title I won’t just be seeing it.  I am going to a 4DX theater in Union Square.  4DX takes the technology that gets used in places like Universal Studios (the seats move, wind blows, etc.) and puts it in the movie itself.  Here is what I know so far:

  • If the seat moves the whole time I will be pissed because I don’t want to comically try to stuff nachos in my face while jumping off a blimp or whatever with Wonder Woman.
  • From the video below it seems pretty gimmicky but I think that might be fun.  From what everyone is saying about Wonder Woman, this will not be the only time I see it.
  • I won’t review the movie after this viewing if the experience overshadows the movie itself.  If I miss something because I am going:  “ooh!  I got blood on me!” then I think I will hold off on dissecting the movie itself until after I get back to Charlotte and watch it in a seat where MY NACHOS WILL BE SAFE!
  • The fact that the director of the movie is not thinking about what smell to smell or when the wind blows matters to me in a way.  I am sure the people that run these movies are competent and know when to add things, but you are REALLY messing with the directors intent with this and I think that it won’t be an actual real thing unless the directors are in on it.
  • Seeing a horror movie with a jump scare in this would probably make people die.

All in all, I am not worried about the 4D experience ruining the movie for me unless I poop my pants (and, full disclosure, I am sick so I might do that anyway) or it is so distracting that I think more about the effects than the movie.  And like I said, I am seeing it again anyway so I am not too worried about it.

When I get home to Charlotte I will be watching it with some people who are meh but some other women for whom this movie is really important and they have been looking forward to it for a long time and I sort of think what they think is more important for this movie.