Spent the weekend at the Mad Monster Party with Eva Halloween.  I’m sure I will have a bunch of short crappy posts about it while she writes an insightful and intriguing article that is better (and longer) than all of Wikipedia.  But since I am posting first (she is traveling) I am officially claiming rights to all of her pics and videos because my camera sucks and my phone pictures look all hazy like people have those ghost auras.  So you will have to wait for anything else good because I am terrible.  I might put up my crappy videos and stuff but for tonight I just wanted you to know something true (for once):

I was completely floored that people wanted to have their picture taken with me.  Like a LOT of people.  Apparently just wearing my regular clothes and my regular mask and my regular cape is considered a “costume” in your land.  So stay tuned this week for a lot of stuff including:

  • Danny Glover
  • Bikini Contest *shudders*
  • David Naughton
  • Gary Busey and his Heaven Coat
  • Zabrecky!
  • Brian the helpful wrestler/volunteer/guard
  • Bruce Campbell!

Yeah there will be a bunch of stuff.  And again, any pics or video taken by Eva is my property as I technically directed it by pointing and whining.