Journey Man (NBC)


Journeyman was a series about a reporter named Dan Vasser who lived with his wife and son in San Francisco. The show was reminiscent of Quantum Leap in that Dan would jump back in time with the apparent job of changing someone’s life for the better. Once his job was done he would return home to his wife and child. Dan had no control over the jumps and only a few seconds notice when they were about to happen. As the series went on we found out that Dan’s father may also have been a jumper. Also his fiancé, who was thought to have died in a plane crash, turned up during the series. She was also a jumper but it turns out she jumped forward in time and not back like Dan. Before the show ended there were hints that there may be others like them and their condition may have been brought on my being born when a particular comet was passing close to Earth.

Journeyman was a lot of fun to watch. It was cast perfectly with Kevin McKidd as Dan and Moon Bloodgod as his time jumping ex-fiancé. The story with the comet sounds a little goofy but the writers did a great job of keeping it grounded with enough science to make it sound semi-plausible. It really felt more like a great drama that happened to have some science fiction elements to it instead of the other way around.

Great writing and acting couldn’t save the series from low ratings and the writers strike that happened. It really is a shame because it was such a great show remains one of my favorites today. This also marked the point (for me at least) at which NBC started to become a little like FOX; never giving a strong show a chance to find its audience.