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There is no doubt that internet has become a place to find some of the spookiest and scariest stories. You can find a lot of creepy and strange horror stories online. Many stories appear to be real while some are a piece of pure fiction. Some stories have also turned into urban legends. Following are the top four spookiest horror tales that you might enjoy if you are into horror movie trivia and stories.

  1. Footsteps by 1000Vultures

This story was first posted on the Reddit’s r/No Sleep by 1000Vultures. The writer Dothan Acerbic later published the story in the form of a novel. Initially, Dothan published the story titled “Footsteps”. However, due to the immense popularity the story received on reddit, Dothan decided to write more parts of the story. He wrote five more parts titled “Balloons”, “Boxes”, “Maps”, “Screens” and “Friends”.


The entire story is written from the view of the narrator where he shares a number of strange stories from his childhood. The entire atmosphere of the story is gloomy and tensed. The ending is also a bit dark.

The story

The first incident that the writer shares is from his early childhood days where he becomes lost in a forest. Things get creepy when his mother receives a note by him saying that he had left the house. However in reality, the note was not written by him. What happens next is a series of strange events that get more and more scary and sinister.

  1. The Story of Her Holding an Orange

The Story of Her Holding an Orange is probably a unique and fresh independent story published in recent times. This story was initially published on Reddit in the No Sleep community.


The story centers around a young seventeen year old guy who gets stalked by a mysterious lady named Rose who is also his mom’s friend.

The Story

Whenever the OP comes across his mom’s friend Rose, she takes out an orange and asks him to take it. Apparently, the request seems to be harmless but the way she asks it is pretty intriguing. Once the guy starts going to college, he thinks that he will stop meeting the strange lady. The story is penned by Milo’s Biogenic and claims the story to be a real life incident that he experienced during the teen years of his life. The entire story is written in the OP’s retrospective. Throughout the story, whenever Rose is with the OP’s mom, she behaves like a normal person, however, when she is with the guy alone, Rose turns into a different person — a scary and weird, baby like form of herself. The strangest part is that Rose keeps offering the guy an orange throughout the story. The OP has also added several photos with story that makes the readers wondering whether the story is real or not.

  1. My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me on Facebook

This story is probably one of the most popular horror stories that have appeared online in recent times. This story also gave birth to many conspiracy theories as it started to gain popularity right from the moment it first appeared on the popular Reddit community, “No Sleep” where people post their own horror and tragic real-life stories.

After getting reposted on several other online platforms and gaining a lot of popularity, the writer revealed that the story wasn’t real and was a work of fiction. This story was originally posted in the year 2014 and was titled “My dead girlfriend keeps messaging me on Facebook. I’ve got the screenshots. I don’t know what to do.”


According to the story, the OP gets messages from his girlfriend’s face book account after she lost her life in a tragic car accident. All the messages in the story appear to be recycled from the couple’s previous conversations. The OP also includes a number of screenshots of all the recent conversations with his dead girlfriend. The scariest thing of this entire story is the fact that in the comments section, the OP receives a photo which was shot right from the outside of his home.

The Story

The story starts with the back story of the OP’s girlfriend who loses her life in a tragic car accident. The couple was dating for 5 years and was planning to marry soon. Soon after the car accident, the OP starts getting messages from his girlfriend’s Facebook account. The OP first believed that someone else was sending the messages from his girlfriend’s face book account, however, after reading several messages from the same account, the man gets convinced that it is actually his deceased girlfriend who has been messaging him from her grave.

  1. Room 733


Room 733 was originally posted by The_Dalek_Emperor on the reddit community, No Sleep. The story became so popular that it later became a novel.

The Story

This story revolves around a group of freshmen students who are forced to live in the room next to a suicide inducing dorm room no. 733.