So far be it from me to get in the way of the raw meat that every fan of Top Chef wants to chew on:  Jamie is gone.  Her cucumber water fish thing didn’t do anything for the judges and just because everyone knew the smelly little hobbit was going, they spiced it up by doing a double elimination.  Find out more and especially who else went home after the jump.

OK so who knew Tiffani was a lesbian?  NOT ME!  I knew Jamie was cause she said so but Tiffani was cagier (or I didn’t listen to her cause she is a red blockhead) and kept it secret.  Didn’t help her, though cause it became painfully obvious that while Bravo might like gay men, it hates lesbians.  Slander you say?  Blood Libel????  No.  Simple made up logic.

They made the whole show about fish and then eliminated the two lesbians.  Seriously?  You told Tiffani that her fish was too fishy?  So sorry Jamie and Tiffani, there are only two things on earth that smell like fish, and one of them is fish.  The fish you caught when you went fishing was too fishy for the judges and Padma (who looked stunning!) kicked your asses out.  If I were you, I’d sue.

Honestly, It’s like I write the frigging show.  Next week: the chefs cook dishes for Mario and Luigi and eliminate Fabio!  Try harder, fools.