I’m not saying anything about Padma’s cans in this recap cause it is the finale and I need to be serious.  That’s why I spent like, 1/2 hour on the banner pic when I could have been doing something else like making more sandwiches and eating them.  So I’m going to give you some things I heard while they did their restaurant wars (which, by the way, I think is a great idea).

  • The British chef dude from Biggest Loser said: “you really get the richness of the nuts”.  heh
  • I don’t understand what a “flavor profile” is.
  • Blais: Foie Gras ice cream just sounds stupid.  Like, why would you make ice cream out of something that isn’t supposed to be ice cream?  You are trying to win 200k, not become the boss of that Harry Potter jelly bean factory.  Idiot.
  • Gayle Simmons sucks.  I’m sorry.  I know she’s probably not all that broken up about it, but I will ruin her if I get the chance.  I probably won’t.
  • Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondering if your appetizer “balanced” out your main course?  What do chicken fingers balance out?  I fucking love chicken fingers.  I’m a child.
  • Baldy said it was the “Best food we’ve had in any finale”.  That’s pretty good.  But I don’t think they ever had chicken fingers from Friday’s.
  • Padma said: “The Black Cod was flawless”.  heh.
  • Do chef’s make ANY money?  Like – the famous ones are always on TV, and the contestants are all poor.  Blais was on Iron Chef once.  That means he must be sort of famous, right?  So why does he need to be on a game show?
  • I hate the word “me**” and they keep saying it.  I mean, it isn’t fair since they are talking about food.  But serious.  I hate it.
  • Winner after the jump!

Congratulations, Richard Blais. You are Top Chef!

One final note – Blais told Mike that if he (Blais) won, he’d give Mike money.  Fool!  I would not give that doofus a nickel.  Big lunkhead.