I have a lot of shit going on and I don’t have a ton of time to be telling you wands what happened on the show.  As you can see from the picture above, Padma Lakshmi is a furry.  Also, the final three was very compelling.  It was Angelo, Carla and Tiffany.  They all did shitty and it was one of those episodes when you wonder if they were going to do the right thing (boot Angelo or Carla) or the “it’s a TV show we want people to watch” thing and get rid of boring Tiffany.  What did they do?

Well, it could have gone either way, but they got rid of Angelo and his salty baked potato soup even though keeping him would have made better TV.  All Tiffany does is cry and tell people she’s from Texas.  Why do people from New York and Texas always feel compelled to tell people that before they start talking?  Do they think people care?  Do they think we will read more into what they say?  Are they apologizing in advance for acting stuck up and/or ignorant?  Fuck Texas.  We need New York but I’m pretty sure we could give Texas to Mexico and somehow come out ahead.

Oh, right, cooking show.  I have a little more respect for the show now that they kicked off one of the big dogs.  I really assumed they would get rid of Tiffany.  Then again, I assumed the crisis in Egypt would be solved by some dude with a bird head coming out of a Stargate so maybe I’m not all that reliable.