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Top Ten Black Friday Deals (According to Us)

Top Ten Black Friday Deals (According to Us)


Well it’s that time of year again. Crazed shoppers waiting at the doors of the mall ready to trample each other to get to the deals. If you don’t have any ideas what to get let us give you some advice. You know aside from: STAY HOME ON BLACK FRIDAY

[portfolio_slideshow id=36698]

Everything shown is real and for sale. Give it a Google if you don’t believe us!


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  1. Penny

    ugh as if xmas wasnt bad enough.

  2. Acadia Einstein

    I just made one of the magazine stools and am only charging $160.50.

    • Sangfroid

      I found one for 128 Euro. I have no idea what that is in real money so you can probably get away with ridding yourself of all those old MAD Magazines.

  3. Cider

    I have enough magazines to make about 4 of those stools. I will only charge $161 total. You will actually be doing me a favor. Why do I have so many effing magazines???

    • Sangfroid

      I’m getting you Porn For Women by the Cambridge Women’s Pornography cooperative (Susan Anderson) because of the great articles you’ve written recently. (It’s actually SFW and funny)

  4. Eva Halloween

    You’ll eat them and like it.


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