I have to go to Las Vegas next month so this article is important to me.  I have been a million times but since I don’t live in a giant mansion obviously I am doing it wrong.  –Acadia

Las Vegas is one of those places that everyone wants to go, we’ve seen it portrayed in various movies and TV shows as the gambling capital of the world, a sunshine state of neon lights and people who play it fast and loose.

Most of us visit to look at the various tourist spots, rarely do we venture inside to wager.  This is mainly down to the fact that a lot of people can feel a bit intimidated by the place, the large amount of games and what casino is the best.  That’s where we come in, we’ve created some tips to help you gamble next time you’re in Vegas.

Wagering in a casino is incredibly easy, but it’s picking what to wager on that can prove to be quite difficult as there’s a multitude of different factors at play not including your own personal skill at your preferred game.

The three basic ideas that you want to focus on when you’re in a casino are as follows, your wager size, the speed of the game and what the house advantage of the game is.

The wager size is of course to make sure you stick to your budget, don’t go all out and bet your house and the family savings on a game of Baccarat, instead set yourself a budget and stick to it. The speed is the next important because in gambling, speed kills, so the slower you play the more you think and the better your payout will be.

Finally, the house advantage is how often does your game payout, how much does it payout and how much do you have to sink into it before you start getting a decent return from your money.

One game that’s particularly good for beginners in casinos is Video Poker. This tends to be quite good because of the regular pay outs and the fact that the house always has a low advantage in these games, plus games can go at whatever speed you set it to.

For more advanced players, try learning a few table games. Not only are these slow but they pay out better than machines, plus the added social interaction with others around you makes it incredibly enjoyable for all involved.  Games like Blackjack or other card games that require ‘hands’ tend to be a lot slower too.

Another great tip is to try and play somewhere off the strip, don’t go for your Bellagio’s or your Grand’s, go for somewhere a little off-map.

This is mainly due to the fact that the big casinos charge more for you to play at them since they’re more popular and everyone is clamouring to get in. Smaller casinos will always have lower minimum bets and higher payouts and options because they need the business to compete with the big leagues next door.

Or if you can’t afford Vegas or want to practice some of the games first before you fly off, why not try some casino websites first to test out what games you feel comfortable playing.

The best thing about casino sites is that there are thousands of them available to play on, every possible genre has been covered and every country has their own multitude of them in their own language.

Like how Dubai for example has casino sites in Arabic like this one So no matter where you look, there’s a casino site to answer your needs.

Using these tips you should have an absolute blast in Vegas and you might win some money whilst you’re there, but just remember one thing, the House always wins.