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Transformers does OK


“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” took in $112 million in the sequel’s first weekend and $201.2 million since opening Wednesday, according to Sunday estimates from Paramount, which is distributing the DreamWorks movie.

It was well on the way to becoming the year’s top-grossing movie.

Apparently it was like 2 mill short of The Dark Knight for top 5 day open honors.

This article had pretty much nothing of note. It was just all, “Transformers earns money” and “Megan Fox is sexier than Angelina Jolie” and “Seriously, you knew it was going to earn this much money, here you go.” Boring. Until this tidbit…

Now playing in almost every other country except India

What the fuck is wrong with India, man?

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  1. Jenny Bean

    Have you seen the movie? I was kind of excited about it, but then I heard it was crud. 🙁

  2. ken armstrong

    India? It’s a ‘Megan’ thing, I hear… something in their culture dissuades them from becoming aroused… rampantly, tumescently, enormously… aroused.. …. … sorry…

  3. Maitland

    Originally Posted By Jenny BeanHave you seen the movie? I was kind of excited about it, but then I heard it was crud. 🙁

    I have not seen it. I’m not even really all that excited to go see it. it’s gonna have a bunch of fighting robots and be kind of cool, right? i’ll see it eventually, but not in any rush.

    Public Enemies I might have to go see when it comes out this week, however.


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