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True Blood. Goddamnit


So sometimes when something is really popular I avoid it just to be a tool.  For example, I have never seen, nor will I ever see, the movie Grease.  Not happening.  I felt the same way about 30 Rock until someone kept bugging me to watch it so I did and now I like it.  Alec Baldwin Rules.

Same with True Blood.  I didn’t wanna watch it.  I didn’t wanna like it.  But people kept BUGGING me to give it a try.  I had watched Six Feet Under until I got so annoyed with Brenda that I wanted to set her on fire, so I knew Alan Ball did some good shit.  But I also wondered if this vampire thing was gonna be some sissy pants wanna be Buffy / Twilight but since it was on HBO there would be a lot of fucking.  I was sort of right.  It is kind of like Buffy.  I am not even all the way through the first season and it seems like half the people in the podunk town the show is set in have some kind of power.

That said, it IS HBO.  So there IS a lot of fucking.  Seems like they write enough script for 90% of the show then fill up the rest with various carnal couplings.  So, other than that, here’s what I like about the show (so far).  I am not gonna explain any of it, either.  Cause I want you to have to watch it flat footed like I did.  Figure it out yourself!

  • Lafayette
  • The fact that everyone in the town either works for Merlotte’s Bar or the town.
  • “God Hates Fangs”
  • Tara
  • The Sheriff is the dude from Newhart.  You know, the guy with two brothers named Darryl?
  • The opening theme song (watch the credits and here the song after the jump).

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  1. VetTech

    I love True Blood!!! Did you hear the HBO store is going to be selling a beverage called True Blood in the same bottles we see in the show. It’s like Orangina but from blood oranges.

    I also think there needs to be a drinking game… every time Sookie says Bill you have to take a drink.

  2. vange

    Explaining that you were missing out on comedic genius with your ridiculously stubborn boycott is not the same as “bugging” you to watch it. Jackass.

    And Alec Baldwin does rule.

  3. jen

    i love true blood and i also avoided it mostly because i didn’t like the books. No disrespect to Ms Harris who has made a fortune. Just isn’t my kind of vampire porn lit. The show though, is fun.

    Side thought: read the other day that Bill and Sukey are engaged IRL. heh. Erik is hotter and the Godrick character has potential. Jason makes me laugh my ass off because everyone knows a “jason stackhouse”


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