• How come they call it a trailer if it comes out before the movie does and it shows before another movie starts?
  • How come the Coen brothers find kidnapping so interesting?
  • Do you think if someone not as good as the Coen brothers decided to remake a famous John Wayne western people would be as bonerfied about it?
  • How come you haven’t seen Blood Simple?
  • When did Jeff Bridges all of a sudden become our greatest living actor?  Why not Nic Cage?  John Goodman?  Sam Elliot?
  • Why don’t people glamorize the 18th century more?  Is it the wigs?
  • If someone killed someone you loved and you could kill them without getting caught would you do it?
  • What if he offered you a million dollars to not kill him?
  • What if he had a twin brother and they mixed each other up?  Would that mess you up?
  • Want me to tell you the trailer’s after the jump and shut the fuck up?
  • If you answered no to the previous question, does this satisfy you?

Trailer after the jump!
True Grit Trailer