The Democrats are a little bit miffed that the fact that people still don’t want to vote for them even though the President is terrible.  According to Politico:

Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming.

Sucks for them, right?  The Dems are all: “Why don’t these dumb rubes get it?”  It has to be maddening.  It is like they went to Florida with a truck full of generators and portable air conditioners but everyone is mobbed around Trump who is giving people itchy blankets and pouring salt and lemon juice into their mouths.

What a quandary.  And I get how it is easy to think of a big mob of people are ACTIVELY trying to destroy everyone.  But I think it is more like run of the mill selfishness and disinterest.  Look at this little factoid from the article:

In focus groups, most participants say they’re still impressed with Trump’s business background and tend to give him credit for the improving economy. The window is closing, but they’re still inclined to give him a chance to succeed.

So the Democrats have been trying to make people care that the crazy idiot is not helping them in any way but they already know that.  If your average Trump supporter was going to have any qualms about a candidate who was never actually going to “help” them, but rather “hurt other people on their behalf” that ship would have sailed a long time ago.

The Democrats are thinking of it wrong.  Stop trying to change the mind of Trumplings.  Find the people who didn’t vote last election because they thought Hillary sucked and SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF THEM in the off year election. 

  • Run ads showing brown families being loaded onto trains.  Are they being sent to Mexico or a gas chamber?  YOU WILL FIND OUT UNLESS YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT!
  • Start every ad with a note that says: “If you still support Donald Trump and his policies, please mute your TV for 30 seconds because you don’t care about anything but yourself: and then just have the candidate make their pitch while the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ad plays.
  • Show a little white girl looking down while over her shoulder you see her parents wearing Trump hats.  The little girl starts crying and the camera pans down to see a positive pregnancy test.
  • Show the jackasses from Charlottesville and then show the face of the candidate you are running against.  Even Tim Scott!

Stop being pussies.  Stop pretending that YOU need to be the ones to bring the country together.  That’s why you keep losing.  If you want to heal the country you need to be in charge.  Stop trying to appeal to the people who hate you.  Just appreciate the people who love you and get them to vote.