Donald Trump was on all the TV talk shows this morning vowing to not apologize to Megyn Kelly.  I would hope not.  Not because I agree with him on anything, except his refusal to apologize for anything and his insistence that everything that happens to him is the best.  He is the Black Knight from Monty Python except better because he’s also Deadpool.

Deadpool Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

And as far as the country is concerned, he IS Deadpool: indestructible, weird looking and rude.  He’s not nearly as funny, but at least he tries.  And he isn’t the candidate we need, but he is the candidate we deserve.  Why?

Because somehow we have convinced ourselves politically that admitting that bending like a palm tree in a hurricane is NOT how politics should get done.  And the dirty T-shirt white person crowd, the same ones who cheered Bush for not apologizing for breaking our streak of non-war starting, are the ones who are cheering Trump on for not being “politically correct”.

All politically correct means is “don’t be a douche”.  That’s not a super high bar, but still it is too much for the crowd that wants to be douches.  And, there is no law saying that people have to be nice. Lucky for Trump. And the reason he is paying no penalty for all the stuff he says is because EVERYONE accusing him of anything (on both sides of the aisle) can get called out as a hypocrite if someone digs deep enough.

Trump doesn’t care that he is a hypocrite. He just says whatever pops into his head because he has no ideology behind it.  Why did he think single payer health care is a good idea?  Because empirically it is a good idea.  “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, right?  Now, that isn’t a law in America, but it is what we bitched to King George about as being inalienable rights.  So there are some things that we deserve no matter how much money we have?  That’s Trump’s reasoning.  Is it also his reasoning that Frank Luntz is a “slob”?  Sure.  And that he could call the head of Ford and tell him that he will tax all Ford’s products if he builds his factory in Mexico.  He really did say that.

Except that isn’t how our government works.  But since our government doesn’t work anymore, we want his way to be right.  I think this is how Napoleon started.

Anyway, Trump genuinely doesn’t care what you think and as long as there are people with dirty t-shirts all pissed off that their lives suck and it must be someone else’s fault he will keep going. He doesn’t need your money and can do this as long as he wants.  Look up the definition of chaotic neutral and you will find Trump.

Right next to Deadpool.