A few thoughts on this whole Trump and Russia thing.  I’m writing about it because “Contradicting Trump” is trending on Twitter this morning and a lot of people seem to be using the fact that Russia is confirming there was contact between themselves and Trump people as PROOF!  I think this is a good example of people being dummies.  I will not switch to hot white bullets of truth to make this easier to swallow.

  • If you spend months saying that Russia is an evil empire trying to mess with our political affairs and lying and cheating, then YOU CANNOT USE THEM AS A CREDIBLE SOURCE!
  • This is no different than people whining about how the “media” does not cover things when the only way they know they exist is because they saw it in the media….idiots.
  • If you say the NY Times is a rag, you can’t use it as personal validation for yourself when they compliment you.  If you say the government is made of lies, you can’t use their reports as proof.
  • Kudos to Chris Wallace on Sunday for doing his job and pushing back on Reince Priebus.  This “media is the enemy” is the worst thing I can imagine.
  • Ryan wants to do tax reform, and I bet that they aren’t going to crap on the IRS very much because I assume that they would be able to leak his tax returns?  I don’t know how that works. Maybe there are not many people who would get to see them so it is too risky?

I guess what I am saying overall is that this Russia thing WILL play out.  And flabbling about how THE CASE IS CRACKED it premature and makes it tougher to get to the meat of things.  This cannot be ignored but people can’t also get off track.  Because if we are saying we want to find out about Russia we need to focus on Russia.  Vox has these questions – let’s stick to these.

And guess what!  If nothing is founds, don’t do 17 more investigations.  It’s not good governing.  And it becomes a “we will keep digging until we find something”.  Remember, Monica Lewinski was uncovered in an investigation about Whitewater for which there was no wrongdoing found.  And the email server thing was found out because of Benghazi.

Presidents do wrong things, but if they get away with it, then they get away with it.  Full stop.  It isn’t like he won’t do something new in 15 minutes that can be investigated.  Just chill.  And please don’t use Russians as a source unless they defected.  Gah.