While you may have heard contradicting advice from your brother in law or your neighbor, science was 100% united on the front of “do not look directly at the sun, yes even during the solar eclipse”. Here are some pretty convincing articles:

New York Times





Washington Post

Popular Science

So what did Trump do? He looked directly at the sun without glasses… apparently as an aide shouted at him not to do so.

And how did the propaganda machine that is Fox News respond? Well, Tucker Carlson said

“He looked at the sun without any glasses. Perhaps the most impressive thing any president has done.”

I can think of at least a dozen things other presidents have done that are significantly more impressive than ignoring scientists and burning their retinas. But the Fox News people want what they want I guess. I suppose they want their hands held and or to be receiving high fives as they literally walk to their doom. Maybe he took it as a dare? If so, here are some dares I throw out to 45:

  • I dare you to read a book
  • I dare you to pay attention to your young son
  • I dare you to delete your Twitter account
  • I dare you to learn something, anything, about government
  • I dare you to think before you speak
  • I dare you to denounce Nazis

Fingers crossed, guys, maybe it will work.

Finally I leave you with this gem from Twitter – Madeleine Albright threw the following shade: