If you are my age then you know how great Twin Peaks was in the first season when it originally aired.  The David Lynch series broke a lot of rules and offered viewers a really great mystery.  For one season.  The second season sucked as I recall.  But that was in a different time.  A time when networks couldn’t make up a single series of a show and have ti end and call it good.  They either had miniseries'(s?) or movies or regular series.  Nothing in between.  Which is why the new season will only be nine episodes and will air on Showtime.  Because they don’t care anymore.  You come up with something three episodes long and they will probably throw it in there.  Just make sure it has some boobs and guns in it.

But atypical programming methods are not the only thing that is different now.  In 1991, it was a different world.  Come with me back to yesteryear (and watch Twin Peaks on Netfix or Hulu!)

  • If you didn’t watch a show when it was on you had to wait until Summer to see it.  Unless you were a “taper”.  VCR’s really split people into two camps.  One never set the clock and only used it to play tapes (me) and others taped EVERYTHING and used tapes over and over.
  • If you wanted to talk to more than one person about the show (who wasn’t in your house at the time) you had to go outside.
  • If you thought one of the actresses was hot you had to hope they were on something else, got into movies or had a poster made of them that you could buy at Spencer’s.  Otherwise you would never see them again unless they were interviewed in TV GUIDE.

Boy it sucked back then!  Read more about Twin Peaks here.