Check your wallet to see if you’re a billionaire or a sucker.

When should we tell Tea Party Republicans that they lost the 2012 election? American’s still have their guns. There are no FEMA concentration camps. “Obamacare” hasn’t created death panels. Aside from gay couples gay marriage hasn’t ruined anyone’s life. The president even put his birth certificate online for anyone to see. How “special” do you have to be to keep defending your politics with this kind of nonsense?

“For decades, American’s have experienced a populist uprising that only benefits the people it’s supposed to be targeting.” – Thomas Frank, What’s the Matter With Kansas.

Look at the map. The states and counties that depend most on government handouts the most are also the ones supporting Republicans and they’re hot beds of Tea Party activity. Republicans and Tea Party activists working hard to cut the safety net. It’s an American thing that nobody actually considers themselves poor but even if you’re just an embarrassed millionaire heading to the food pantry why would you lemming off to join the Tea Party?

““Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”. John Steinbeck

What we’re actually getting under the Republican brand is corporate welfare and more government intrusions than the Democrats ever thought of.  One example is Drug testing, work requirements,and photo ID’s for Food Stamp users. Brother Tea Party member heading to the food pantry, that’s you using Food Stamps not some drug addled, freeloading, illegal immigrant.

I’m not one for banning a political party because it’s full of idiots. It’s every American’s right to be as loudly stupid as they want to be. Just try something different. The Australian Sex Party not only has cavorting naked people it has an actual libertarian platform. The Pansexual Peace Party might have bad videos but at least they can spell their protest signs right. For you old fashioned types the Whig Party is making a comeback.

Millard Fillmore: Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Catholic, Pandered to Southern states. The Ideal Tea-Party candidate.

The idea Tea Party Candidate. Millard Fillmore, consistently ranked as one of the worst presidents ever.

Millard Fillmore was a Whig. A staunch supporter of the anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic “Know-Nothing” crowd he also, despite being anti slavery, appeased Southern states by enforcing the fugitive slave act. Change that platform from anti-Catholic to anti-Muslim and it looks like every Tea Party candidate running for office.

Both the Whigs and the Know-Nothing movement died when the middle class realized that a lot of the things they were afraid of were just phantoms created by the same kind wealthy exploiters that are trying the same trick again.

Brother Tea Party Know-Nothing it’s time to wise up. If you can’t manage that then I have a song for you.


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