Alright friends, we are 2 episodes away from the finale of season 8 of AHS, Apocalypse. However, we still have many “burning” questions that leave us wondering – how is this going to end? We know there’s going to be an epic battle, but there are so many mysteries to solve. Check out our list of unanswered questions that quite frankly left us baffled. 

  1. Ghost plane. Why? Enchantment? Someone give me the answers like yesterday. 
  2. Why did Michael have Miriam kill Venable? We see now how they met, just where did it go wrong?
  3. What are Timothy and Emily, our ex-teenage mutants?
  4. Why did Dinah say she was an unsuccessful TV personality? How did she know Michael prior to Outpost #3?
  5. Where the HELL did Misty Day go?
  6. Who is the traitor?
  7. When do we get Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt? Do we need to contact Sandra Bernhard?
  8. What are the canker pus monsters and how do they fit into this new world?
  9. Who wrote “666” on the bathroom mirror and whispered to Timothy? 
  10. Where is Outpost #3?