I know everyone puts out gift guides at this time of year, and since this is the Internet you are going to find a bunch of really fun and eclectic stuff.  But here at the Gallery we like to keep things simple.  Much like how I buy all the presents for my family in the checkout line at Harris Teeter (I knew you loved Redbook, mom!  And enjoy those M&M’s brother!) I try to get all the good presents for my online people at Uncommongoods.com.

The best part about the site is that their stuff is quirky enough to be better than your conventional junk and lets people know you gave it some thought, but not so twee that they will like it but also want to punch you.

They have a LOT of stuff (and we give some away sometimes for people who read us regularly HINT HINT) but we are going to focus on a few categories.  So get ready to be done with your shopping super fast!

Card Games


With 42 different card games ranging from $10.00 to $60.00 you can definitely find something for your friends who want to seem like they are old timey.  The one I like the most is Table Topics.  Put simply, it gives you things to talk about when you have people over and it’s boring.  I also assume it wouldn’t be tough to slip in your own topics to go along with theirs.  So while “How much do you need in the bank to feel secure?” is a great couples question, “Whose car is that I always see in your driveway?” would be good, too.  Probably for right when you want them to leave.

Bluetooth Gloves!


OK so I was going to do the whole scarves category but honestly I don’t need any scarves right now since I don’t need to strangle anyone or disguise myself as Aerosmith’s microphone.  But in that section they have gloves that have Bluetooth so if you hold your hand up to your head like you are telling someone to call you, it is actually a phone.  I don’t wear gloves but now I want these.  Or to make my fingers Bluetooth somehow.

Hurricane Candle Holders


What?  They are cool.  I can like nice things, too.  I’m not a monster.  I’m classy.  Plus I used to live in Florida and my place and my car got wiped out by Hurricane Wilma.  Oh, did you never hear of Wilma?  That’s because it was the same year as Katrina and the country was not about to get all choked up that snooty jerks like me in Boca Raton didn’t have power for two weeks.  But seriously, it was a thing.

Beach Chess and Checkers


I HATE checkers but I like chess and it seems crazy to me that it took this long for people to figure out that you could put the pieces in the bag and then make the bag be the board.  I guess the fact that it is called a “board” is what hung everyone up.  Smart play, board industry.  But my people at Uncommon Goods just broke up your monopoly…board.

Educational Toys


Whether you have kids who are eager to learn in new and fun ways or you are just stupid, these things are awesome.  The pic is of the Periodic Table Building Blocks which for really small kids are just blocks but for everyone else are super awesome blocks.  I wish they would make them heavier according to their atomic weights.

But the best thing in the whole place is the Magnetic Putty.  Let me explain that in further detail for you.  It is PUTTY that is a MAGNET!  We gave some away in the Halloween contest this year HINT HINT and for $15.00 it is kind of ridiculous that you aren’t buying some right now.  Hurry up!  I swear to you I will call your kids and tell them the stuff exists and then they won’t shut up about it.