This week on Allegedly On The Issues, we’re talking about how every time I now remove a twenty to pay for something, I’m going to think about Andrew Jackson yelling and threatening Harriet Tubman with 20 lashes for helping money escape my wallet.

This is a guy, in Jackson, who once strutted into a duel, let the other dude shoot him, and then decided that he was OK, and shot the man dead. There absolutely has to be a relative of Andrew Jackson somewhere in this country that is challenging the Federal Treasury to a duel over this.

We’re also showcasing our legal expertise (alleged) by discussing one of the more important Supreme Court cases this term: United States v. Texas. The Supreme Court case covers a series of executive actions set forth by Barack Obama.

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Topic List (discussion start times included):

– We discuss John Kasich and Ted Cruz teaming up to lose to Donald Trump (1:59)
– Virginia is allowing Felons to Vote (4:57)
– Harriet Tubman on the Twenty, Jackson still a badass, but, also a jackass (7:57)
– United States v. Texas: Discussion of the oral arguments on this Supreme Court case dealing with some President Obama Executive actions (11:15)
– And, we discuss one dude’s thoughts on how to create a lean Federal Government (18:16)

Also on this show: We offer advice to Ted Cruz on how to win over some delegates. Then, we take a deep dive on the early odds for Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Selection. The Veep-Stakes, as Jared gleefully put it on the Podcast.

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