Some say 4-year olds don’t make the best good guys with guns. These people underestimate 4-year olds with guns.

A gunshot fired from inside a pickup truck in Putnam County went through the driver’s back and out the front of her torso Tuesday afternoon. When a deputy asked the injured woman what happened, she said her 4-year-old son did it.


This is exactly why 4-year olds regularly receive gun training in America. To be ready at a moment’s notice. Do you think a Canadian 4-year old would have shot his mother in the back? Seems dubious.

In American, our 4-year olds don’t just sit back and let the bad guys stop their mothers and such. You know that scene in Speed where Jeff Daniels is like…”pop quiz, Airport, gunman with one hostage. He’s using the hostage for cover and he’s almost to the airplane, what do you do?”

Keanue Reeves wants to shoot the hostage. And, that’s what we do here in America. We shoot the damn hostage.

EVEN if the hostage is your mother. AND, even if the hostage situation has yet to begin.

The woman told the deputy her 4-year-old son accidentally shot her while he was sitting in the back seat.

And, we’re humble about it. “Accidentally shot,” ha, yeah right. Nothing can be an accident with guns. That’s an oxymoron, I’m always told by the good guys with guns, who always have the proper training and know how to prevent such accidental gunplay.

So, no, this was not an accident. The 4-year-old, let’s be real and stop being modest, is a damn hero. Because, what could have happened if the 4-year old didn’t plug a round into the back of his mother? Well, for one, she could have been speeding and caused an accident, which could lead to death. That is at least one death prevented by a gun in this equation. Maybe the 4-year-old perceived a bad guy with a gun lurking around the corner? Maybe a bad guy who was prepared to carjack their truck? Those situations are always dicey. Thankfully, the preschooler prevented that violence.

There are any number of scenarios that may have unfolded if this 4-year-old didn’t step up to save the day. We don’t know any of them, because this kid had the proper training to step up.

“Thanks. All of ours know how to shoot too. Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot the .22,” Gilt responded Monday evening on Facebook after someone commented on the post.

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