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31 Scary Things – #4 – Vampires


Vampires aren’t over.  They aren’t.  Dammit.


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  1. Zodi

    I about fell over laughing. Even though this was made probably before twilight, I couldn’t help laughing because even the vampires in there aren’t scary. Mind you though, I have found one who’s pretty bad ass.

    Jeaniene Frost write the Night Huntress novels and the main vamp in there is just wow.

    And no one comes close to the original Dracula ^_^


  2. Hotspur

    Jewish star – fucking GOLD!

  3. Rutherford B. Wellington

    The scariest thing i ever saw with fangs is Mama.

  4. Patrick

    Vampires are not known for their love of kosher meat. ‘Old Man’ Parker would use his furnace prowess and kick the vampires off his porch to save the lamp!

  5. Octo-Dolls

    If you sparkle, you are not scary.

  6. Nicole Ireland

    Some vampires are sexy. I’m going to throw in a reference that Jenny will love because her and I have a special love….Julian Sands. He’s sexy in a really badass way. Then there’s Gerard Butler. He was a damn sexy vamp in Dracula 2000. I wanted to trade places with Vitamin C.

  7. captain america

    you know what is scary?
    ………A VAGINE WITH TEEYH, folks!!

  8. Dedy

    Who will be scared of this?


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