So I admit that vegans can be super annoying.  But I also admit that when I see videos of what we as people do to cows and chickens and stuff I am pretty sure we will all suffer those same fates when we all go to Hell.  I am certainly not going to link any of those terrible videos here, let alone embed them, but I do want you to think about them next time you are punching a vegan.  Still punch them, but think about the videos.

And if you live in England, you don’t have to beat them up.  You can just chase them away by threatening to rub British Pounds on them.  According to the AP, the new bank notes contain animal products.

The Bank of England confirmed on Twitter that the notes contain “a trace of a substance known as tallow” — a rendered form of animal fat, processed from suet, which is sometimes used in soaps and candles.

Canada is also in on it since they are England’s B***h and apparently the vegans are saying they need to be replaced.  They have only been out for a little while, and according to the vegans, the new money: “The petition says the use of tallow is “unacceptable to millions of vegans, vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and others in the U.K.”

What is a Jain?  And I completely discount the religious aspect.  If you would be fine with  breaking cows in half except your magic puppet told you not to then you can gtfo, too.  Like some god would care what you eat.  What kind of a jerk god, who supposedly made everything, would tell you not to eat delicious things but not tell you to avoid poison things?  COME ON, GOD!

Oh, but back to the vegans and the money: seems like I don’t know where to come down on this.  I hate vegans, but I also don’t like the idea of paying money to kill animals in order to make money.  Good thing I don’t live in England.  I can stay here in America and pay for things with blood diamonds!