So Mrs. Ac and I finally finished Penny Dreadful and I have to say I was expecting more from the story finale.  If you haven’t watched it on Netflix, I recommend you go do so now.  It is a fun ride and a worthy binge. Endings are hard and I am going to spoil it now in bullet point form!  You have been warned!  And I am going to try to go in the order in which the stories resolved in the final episode.

  • They made Mr. Hyde a metaphor and it bothered me greatly.  I get the fact that Dr. Jekyll becoming a part of the aristocracy makes him a ‘monster’ but what the Hell why put him in there if you aren’t going to make him Hulk out?  I will give the point to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thank you very much.  They wasted the character.
  • Everything about the Lily story left me bored.  I didn’t care about her army of sex workers. I didn’t care about Dorian. I didn’t care that Victor wanted to make her a sexbot because I knew it would never happen. I cared that Justine died and that there was no penalty paid for any of it. THAT was annoying.
  • I really wanted Lily to at least destroy the portrait. Maybe the immortals will come back in the new season that I will be starting soon.  Then I can do recaps that matter!
  • Why did they make Catriona a character?  Did they really need someone to hang around with Vanessa for the time when she wasn’t at the Doctors?
  • Why was the Doctor Patti Lupone?  Did they just pull an American Horror Story for fun?
  • I liked that the Apache was a werewolf though I hate the fact that they just swapped one mysterious person of color for another one (RIP Sembene).  GET IT TOGETHER, WRITERS!  Why would you want to be “historically accurate” when you have a character who zaps corpses back to life?  COME ON!
  • Why did the werewolf not fight Dracula?
  • Why did the company do so well fighting off the 1000 vampires?
  • Why did Dracula just beat it when Ethan killed Vanessa?
  • Why was sad sack Frankenstein the best person in the show, morally?

All in all it was entertaining, but I was a bit bothered that they didn’t have the stories cross back over each other.  Why not have Frankenstein (yes I know he is “The Creature”; I don’t care.) help fight Dracula?  Why not have a big free for all with Lily and Mr. Hyde fighting each other, then vampires, then each other again?  And why wasn’t Sherlock Holmes in it?

OK, so maybe it didn’t need Sherlock Holmes.  And on the whole I felt they did a good job. I just wanted more carnage at the end. If it was all about killing Vanessa they could have just burned the building down ffs.  All he did was shoot her. That’s not magical!