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Villafane Studios Pumpkins #1

Villafane_Studios_BannerI know the word is already out on Villafane Studios’ awesome pumpkin carvings.  These people have been doing awesome work for quite a few years now.  Still, because I love them so much, I’m going to run a gallery of them every Thursday this month.  Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz are nothing short of revolutionists in the realm of pumpkin art.  I truly believe that there is absolutely no one better.  If you’re as impressed with their work as I am, you should like the Villafane Studios Facebook page, follow Ray Villafane on Twitter, and go over to the official website and give them all your money by ordering all their products.  Now just hit the jump for the gallery! 

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  1. hoodchick

    These are superb!

  2. Acadia Einstein

    How did you get that fancy, citified picture thing? I don’t even know wtf that is!

  3. Eva Halloween

    Ray Villafane was on some pumpkin carving challenge on the food network the other day. Shocker – he won. Not sure why the other contestants bothered showing up that day.


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